No of Digitized Vehicles


National Register:

Set of Services being offered at present

Vehicle Search – It provides a nationwide search over the digitized data of Registered Vehicles. Stakeholders may view the details of Registered Vehicles online based on the certain parameters viz.

  • Registration No either full or partial

  • Chassis No

  • Registration No either full or partial

  • Chassis No

  • Engine No

  • Fuel Type

  • Name of Manufacturer

  • Make/Model etc.

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  • Search & Identify any Indian Vehicle
  • Check before purchasing second hand vehicle
  • And many more ...

VAHAN Services

The State Transport Department is governed by both Central Motor Vehicle Regulation (CMVR) and state specific Motor Vehicle Regulation (State MVR). Consequently, Vahan was conceptualized as a product that would capture the functionalities as mandated by CMVR as well as state MVRs.

Vehicle Registration

New Vehicle Registration
Renewal of Registration
Transfer of Ownership
Change of Address etc.


Issue of National & Interstate Permit
Renewal of Permit


State-wise tax calculation & Payment


Issue of Challan
Settlement of Penalty Amount

Our Clients

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